MALIN + GOETZ: cutting edge sensitive skin care

We all have a certain skin care brand that we have been dying to try but just haven’t got round to trying it for some bizarre, forgetful reason. MALIN + GOETZ has been that particular brand I’ve always wanted to explore. With the brands scientific, natural apothecary approach and simple, fuss-free packaging, what’s not to love about the simplicity of MALIN + GOETZ.

Matthew (MALIN) and Andrew (GOETZ)

The founders Matthew (MALIN) and Andrew (GOETZ) have both had previous job history in the ever-growing business sector. Matthew once worked for the likes of famous skin care brand Kiehls, overseeing it’s world-wide sales development. Matthew also helped manage the fragrance licensing for Prada with P&G. Andrew on the other hand worked for a family owned Swiss-based design company known as Vitra. With Andrews expertise and creativity, the MALIN + GOETZ flagship store in New York was somewhat inspired from his previous working relationships with historical architects.


If you’re an US reader then I envy you. The brand has several mesmerizing stores across America that are just jaw dropping beautiful. The clean crisp detailed structures that MALIN + GOETZ stores offer is an obsessive compulsive cleaners dream. With an array of eye-catching beautiful colours from the products across the perfected stores, you could be easily browsing one of their architectural stores for a good whole hour (if not more!). 


MALIN + GOETZ was launched in 2004 with a solid business plan in the year of 2002. With the brands philosophy that skin care can be gentle and effective for various skin conditions, MALIN + GOETZ stuck to their philosophy by developing a wide range of high performance treatment skin care  without the added synthetic fragrances and harsh detergents. The first ever store in Chelsea focused on excellent customer service, skin loving treatments whilst being constantly driven by happy customers. The delightful couple personally interacted with each and every customer that walked into the store, themselves.


The formulations of all MALIN + GOETZ products is close to Matthew’s and Andrews heart, Matthew suffers various skin issues from eczema to seborrhoea (which I personally struggle with too) so using the correct ingredients in all MALIN + GOETZ products was vital and well thought about. They achieved this by working with a close-friend chemist.


Andrew and Matthew were inspired to use ingredients that was once used over 100 years ago (apothecary era). There believe was using pure natural ingredients would result in highly effective products whilst minimising the likelihood of skin irritations. All of MALIN + GOETZ products are free from parabens. Following the natural apothecary believe, naturally-derived preservatives are used to increase product’s shelf life and protection of all MALIN + GOETZ product formulations.

MALIN + GOETZ Resurfacing 10% Glycolic Face Pads

Face pads have become quite a thing, they’re a great alternative for those who don’t like using a face scrub (like myself). Face pads are very simple to use, you really cannot go wrong with applying a pad over the skin, (I’d be worried if you did somehow apply a single pad incorrectly). With the MALIN + GOETZ Glycolic Face Pads you’re applying high quality, physician strength glycolic acid onto the skin that works at full potential by refining skins texture, combating acne and blemish breakouts while dramatically improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What more could you really ask for.


With the use of only 3 ingredients you can understand why Andrew and Matthew are so careful when selecting ingredients for their products. Aqua. Glycolic Acid. Ammonium Hydroxide. That’s it! Ammonium Hydroxide acts as a pH adjuster so skin is fully viable on receiving ingredient glycolic acid at its fullest.


You bet ya! I still remember the first time sweeping a single pad on my face, I couldn’t believe how much tingle was going on, neither uncomfortable or irritating but I’m certain my skin had a little wake up call. Treatment serums and facial oils just seemed to absorb within an instant, usually they like to sit on top of the skin for a couple of minutes or so but after using a single resurfacing pad, that wasn’t an issue this time. I’ve been using a fresh clean pad every other day and my skin just appears less dull-looking and spotty. I guess these glycolic pads really do work, they have now become a personal favourite of mine.

However long the night, the dawn will break

MALIN + GOETZ Rum Body Wash

Nothing feels quite as amazing when you apply your favourite bath/shower gel after a long day away from home comforts. This particular body wash from MALIN + GOETZ is something rather special, it’s extraordinary scent of 0.5 rum makes cleansing a little less boring.

Dark, seductive and indulging, the MALIN + GOETZ Rum Body Wash makes the perfect evening body treat. Suitable for both sexes, you’ll soon develop a secret love affair with its heart warming aromatic fragrance. With the use of amino acid cleansing agents, skin is gently cleansed without the use of harsh detergents and unnecessary residue build up from the product itself.


A little tip for you boys and girls, apply the product onto the hair and scalp as you would a shampoo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how gentle and deeply nourishing hair becomes after use. Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract and Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract provide a light exfoliation on the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.


Can I help you? I’m Mr. Greenberg!


Mr. Greenberg adores being fussed by regular (and new) customers. He’s always at the entrance greeting  the public with a friendly paw shake.

Great to meet you, I’m Bob!

Call me Junior!










The hard worker. Bob likes to keep the stores all neat and tidy, keeping himself out of mischief.







Junior can easily become distracted and potter around in the stock room smelling all the delicious candles.

If your a dog lover like myself, then be prepared to be in hysterics here.



MALIN + GOETZ is widely available across luxury beauty boutiques such as Space N.K.apothecary and online here.