Clarins Truly Matte Pore Minimising Serum

It’s always been an area of concern for some people, but using the correct products might get you that step closer to that poreless complexion and Clarins Truly Matte Pore MINIMISING Serum might just do that!

Clarins Truly Matte Pore Minimising Serum

Pore-fection! Enlarged pores is an issue nearly everyone has with their troublesome skin and for a lucky few of us, pores are always invisible. The real problem with those little craters is that enlarged pores can’t be shrunk permanently. People with oily skins who unfortunately have it worse as they’re most likely to develop dilated pores resulting in blackheads. Another big problem about having open pores is that they make you look older, something I have recently discovered myself.

Thankfully, Plant-based company Clarins created an exciting Truly Matte’ range for people with combination and oily skins. An ideal and perfect line of products for myself, this range has actually been available for quite some time, but it’s a range of products you don’t normally hear about nowadays so I felt it needed some attention, especially now we are hitting summer time, people start using oil-balancing, oil-free, lightweight moisturisers. After using other pore minimising products in the past that failed its claims, I decided to put Clarins Pore Minimising Serum to the test. Clarins recommends to apply the serum before your day and night cream where pores and that oily t-zone may be visible.

The ingredients; Hibiscus extract and BHA Salicylic acid; quickly get to work on unblocking those pores, White Dead Nettle and Soft Wheat proteins; instantly purifies, brightens and provides an anti-free radical effect, Chrysin; an extract from the beautiful blue passion flower works to reduce active inflammations, Alpine Willow Herb; grown only in peat bogs, a wetland where plant materials deposit, this sharp small bush keeps sebum secretions balanced, Glisten; amino acid rich, this dipeptide produces collagen and elastin whilst protecting and restoring the skin.

Apon application; this super lightweight, quick absorbent serum awakes skin with a hit of purified freshness, pores instantly felt clean and appeared tightened, excess sebum absorbed into thin air. My skin was definitely looking balanced and naturally matte. I work in a humid environment and the excess oils were arriving later than normal, so I know that this product is really working with my skin.

To achieve that truly ever matte finish, I would pair this product with Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion, another fabulous product from the Truly Matte line which I have been testing so keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming review.

Be pore-less, be shine free with Clarins Truly Matte Pore Minimising Serum available at all Clarins counters and online here