Clarins Gentle Care Range Review

clarins Gentle Care range: the first aid for REDNESS, IRRITATED SKIN.

Clarins Gentle Care Range Review.

Clarins Gentle Care Range.

When skin isn’t behaving normally, it can be a number of factors why; change in skin care, the weather, hormones or an unpleasant skin irritation that always seems to occur before a big special event. Skin can sometimes act like a naughty child. Can the Clarins Gentle Care range fix these troublesome skin issues?

Clarins prides itself on capturing the true essence from each plant extract using the most precious part of that plant – left, flower, stem or root, knowing that consumers are only getting the best.

There are some brilliant soothing and calming products on the market that will bring skin back to normality by tackling any signs of irritation on the skin, but sometimes skin is shouting out for that little bit of extra help. Now this is where plant-based Clarins come in and little did I know they had a ‘gentle care range’ hiding behind their cult bestselling products such as their award-winning Double Serum – which I’m still yet to get my grubby, wrinkled hands on!

The Clarins Gentle Care range was actually introduced in 1977, for someone who has a love crush on Clarins products I’m quite embarrassed to say that I’ve only just discovered the range. All of Clarins products were created on their long-term ethos of using plant-based extracts and to be as gentle on the skin whilst delivering effective visible results. Clarins botanists go that extra mile with the sensitive skin range by creating a uniquely rebalancing complex that uses an astonishing 90% pure plant extracts, these skin-loving plant extracts such as Brown Linseed extract and Green Algae extract prevents future inflammation whilst repairing present skin irritation.

Clarins Gentle CARE Day Cream

Starting with the Clarins Gentle Care Day Cream that contains a total of 12 plant extracts, Apricot, Wheat, Christophine, Coconut, Candela, Ginseng, Linseed, Horse Chestnut Tree, Hazelnut, Liquorice and Linden. The light, subtle fragrance gives you the sense of comfort and protection while the delicate, dreamy texture sinks effortlessly into the skin without any noticeable traces of product residue, you really only need a hazelnut amount to cover the entire face and neck, if you was to apply more product than skin would probably look unattractively shiny – depending on your skin type, if you’re combination/oily like myself then applying half a pump is plenty. With drier skins, you may want to apply a full pump of product, it all depends on how you want your skin to feel afterwards.

 clarins GENTLE CARE night cream

The Clarins Gentle Care Night Cream is far more richer, heavier in texture, not necessarily a bad thing, for me anyway as I’m more than happy to slather heavier creams at night and looking slightly more greasy than normal. Free radicals are neutralise because of exclusive Clarins proteins Noctoferrine. 

If you’re a little clueless on what radicals are, well radicals are everywhere, in our bodies, in the air, the materials around us. These molecules are responsible for skin ageing, radicals are unstable meaning they don’t have even number of electrons, so they like to “steal” extra electrons resulting in unnecessarily damage to our poor bodies. I could baffle on and on about the process because I find the whole thing simply fascinating but I’ve tried to keep it nice and simple.

You can always use this night cream as a soothing, sensitizing overnight face mask by simply applying a generous amount on the skin, or as a quick 5 minute flash SOS mask.

clarins GENTLE CARE beauty repair concentrate oil

The mother of all oils I like to call it! So, you’re struggling to put out that small unfortunate fire at home, your first reaction would be to call the fire brigade right? Well, this ultra-soothing treatment oil is your very own extinguisher for SOS skin that’s in need to put out those flames (irritations). Now, obviously this oil WON’T put out any real fires, I’m not implying you to throw a bottle of beauty repair concentrate on an open fire. This rescue oil contains an array of soothing ingredients  Lavender, Marjoram and Mint. Avocado oil repairs whilst simulating collagen synthesis. Just like our own natural lipids in our skin, Olive extract provides an instant toning action on the skin and Vitamin A normalises skin functions to repair damaged, irritated skin.

Clarins Gentle Care range is available here directly from Clarins online.