The Pink Cow Brand: Colostrum Cream Review

The Pink Cow Brand: A company that uses Colostrum known as first milk.

theCream by The Pink Cow Brand.

It’s nice to come across something completely different in the enormous market that is skin care. New brands are popping up like no tomorrow with their interesting stories and unique approaches.

Well, you’re all in for a treat today as I’m going to talk about a new exciting brand that uses Colostrum, you heard me, actual Colostrum! 100% natural, protein and vitamin enriched; theCream by the Pink Cow Brand use 85% Colostrum (75% in the men’s range) in all their skin care products. Why? Also known as ‘first milk’ this natural ingredient is bio-available to the skin meaning skin instantly approves of it because of our cells recognising the naturalness of the ingredient.

What’s great about theCream is that you can literally apply it head-to-toe! From itchy scalps to sore feet this multi purpose cream is the cleaner healthier skin option to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. This super concentrated cream is loved by surfers and golfers because of its power to heal nicks and minor cuts.

No nasties were added into the product: Colostrum, coconut palm/wax, rice bran oil, aloe vera, emu oil, blueberry seed oil, bentonite clay, orange peel oil, vanilla fruit oil and zinc oxide. 0% parabens, 0% preservatives, 0% alcohol, 100% healthy – you’ll thank me when your skin is jumping for joy (literally!).

If you fancy slathering on some goodness first milk on your skin then theCream is available Natural Origin here.