Singapore Brand DrGL Skincare Overview

DrGL Skincare offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

Singapore Brand DrGL Skincare Overview.

With a bad allergic reaction which cause her left side of her face covered in blisters resulted in hyper-pigmentation which only got better by Dr. Georgia Lee customising a cream herself. This traumatic issue gave Dr. Lee a deep, passion in skincare, leading her to create her own skincare line. That was then DrGL was born. 

Singapore brand DrGL Skincare brings a unique perspective into skincare. No fuss. Maximum efficacy and skincare born with a doctors experience whilst only using top-of-the-range ingredients.

Before I start giving my personal opinion on each of Dr. Georgia Lee products, I want to express on how magnificently designed the products packaging is – no words can explain how different and unique they look, the thought and detail in every single bottle captures that high-tech, modern luxury feel. 

DrGL Skincare Sun Protection Mist:

Sun protection on the go is available with DrGL. Sun Protection Mist. This weightless, water like feel mist instantly absorbs into the skin at anytime of the day, completely invisible to the eye whilst being the ideal sun product for people with oily skin. What I like about this is that it also adds a quench of hydration, so if your skin is feeling a little dry throughout the day why not reapply this little guy on your thirsty skin, after all sun protection should be re-applied though out the day. A little tip is to apply this on the neck and d├ęcolletage area, face isn’t the only part of body that is prone to ageing.

So, what are the ingredients?

Licorice and Arbutin; help eliminate any signs of redness and pigmentation showing on the skin. Chinese plant Scutellaria Baicalensis Root protects cells from environmental damage, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root battles and defeats inflammation. I’m always carrying this on my journeys away from home, especially whilst at work where I’m in a constant humid environment. In my eyes this is a true essential and must-have for people who are extra concerned with the damaging effects from the UV rays.

DrGL Skincare Restore Gel Mask:

A heavenly all-rounder restorative gel that calms and soothes irritations from post-shaving, sun burns and redness. Minus stickiness and dryness, this unique gel delivers an long-lasting cooling effect once applied to skin. Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skins who are prone to constant irritation from the environment. Skin will certainly shout out a thank you for applying this. Guaiazulene; a mighty powerful antioxidant that treats sun burns, cuts and skin irritations. This gel mask gets its blue colour from extractions of Gualiazulene. 

Bring skin back to normality by ether using this as a healing, light gel moisturizer or double up the dose and treat your skin to an intensive face mask. I have to say I was becoming quite addicted to using this, especially after shaving when skin is feeling that little bit sensitive, my skin immediately restored to normal and any signs of irritation vanished into thin air.

DrGL Skincare Anti-Ageing Cleanser and Toner with Oil Control:

With it’s incredibly silky smooth feel and serum-like texture, my first initial thoughts were positive. An interesting luxury cleanser for the male gender, double-encapulated peptides, multivitamins, antioxidant packed, what more could a gentleman asked for in a cleanser. Upon application to damp skin, the dreamy, satin texture was a pleasure to massage into the skin, unfortunately I didn’t particularly enjoy the soap smell from the product, after rinsing my face with clean water, skin surprisingly felt tight, something I wasn’t expecting from this cleanser.

A toner is something you don’t regularly see in men’s skincare. Dr.GL has created a toner like no other, with its superbly feather-light texture and delicately scent, this would be a grooming junkies dream – my skin was instantly left fresh and awake. So, what’s in this bad boy? Gingko Biloba Leaf extract; a well known antibacterial ingredient while good friend Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract cools and calms sensitised skin. A brilliant toner that has been carefully formulated for men’s skin.

DrGL Anti-Hairloss Shampoo:

I’m 23 now and have noticed hair is started thinning, something I don’t really want to happen but it’s something I can’t completely take control of other than using special shampoos, serums and treatments but that’s only if they truly work.

A receding hairline for any man is bad news but there is always a variety of treatments available on the market and Dr. Georgia Lee has created a state-of-the-art shampoo. Using the power of peptides and potent vitamins, my hair never looked so fuller and healthier. I personally love the silkiness of the texture and how little of the product you need, after rinsing the product from my hair, I was amazed how  bouncy and superbly clean hair become.

I would highly recommend you to check out DrGL Skincare beauty steps page and learn how to apply the products correctly like an expert!


Discover the uniqueness of DrGL. skincare for yourself here. Available for both genders.