Melvita Nectar Bright Range.

New from Melvita, bringing the essence and power of 5 precious white flowers; white sea lily, daisy, winter green, narcissus and white lupin, these active flowers combined together to correct the concerns of skin lacking dullness while combating active dark spots. Lactic acid lightly exfoliates skin. Low-molecular-weight Hyaluronic acid adds moisture into the skin for that much-needed hydration.

Melvita Nectar Bright ® Brightening Exfoliation Mask – a winner in the natural health beauty awards 2014, this 2 in 1 rich and creamy exfoliator/mask duo combines the powers of the 5 white flowers, lemon fruit water, hydrolysed lupin proteins and finally silica micro-beads. An interesting product here, firstly the texture was a little tricky to apply as a face mask because of the micro-beads and secondly, you do have to use an excessive amount of product to achieve that ‘face mask’ feel.

Melvita Nectar Bright ® Brightening Essence – a ultra-concentrated ‘natural’ dark spot corrector that promises to correct and fade existing dark spots while increasing radiance on the skin. Using an excellent selection of regenerating-ingredients; AHA lactic acid, super cell renewal arginine and a delicious complex of papaya, olive and lemon. 20 volunteers tested the product and the results show that an 31.4% increase in skins radiance.

Melvita Nectar Bright ® Brightening Cream – hydrating and anti-aging, this multi-tasking product soothes, exfoliates and protects skin in one application. This product also allows the skin to naturally reflect in light using mineral powders for a ‘light-reflecting’ effect. With it’s feather-like texture, your skin will look like its had the best night sleep in a long time, restoring, comforting and plumping. 

Overall; an exciting and interesting new range from Melvita. The two creams felt similar in consistency and had a refreshing floral scent, both quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a natural glowing shine on the skin. I was in fact shocked to see that I noticed an overall improvement in my skins brightness in under a week!

If you suffer from discolouration, sun damage or dark spots and you want a natural approach at tackling these skin issues then Nectar Bright is a range I’m sure your gonna love and enjoy using.

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