FIT skincare Lip Serum: Never Neglect The Lips!

Fit Skincare Lip Serum: never neglect the lips! Get your daily dose of active, lip-loving ingredients with Fit skincare Lip Serum.

One of the great things about using Twitter is discovering new and exciting brands, learning their history and what makes them unique to other brands out in the world. FIT skincare is one of those brands that makes you say a little “ooh!”. With its professional-looking, shiny, flawless packaging, you would have the struggle ‘not’ to have a little nose on FIT’s skincare website.

FIT Skincare Lip Serum.

FIT Skincare Lip Serum.

FIT Skincare Lip Serum 

Us fellas have to keep our lips supple and protected too! So FIT skincare created a powerful lip serum that protects those precious lips from daily stresses and pollutants. Reducing the likelihood of wrinkles on the lips!Using there “house ingredient” OXY-FIT 10 fuels our lips with deep cell regeneration whilst ensuring other ingredients are doing as they’re told, working at full potential.

With a cocktail jug of botanical ingredients, skin-repairing Vitamin C and comforting Calendula Extract restores chapped, broken skin. Marine (algae) extract provides the vital vitamins and minerals to aid healing of the lips.

I personally like to apply the lip serum first thing in the morning and last thing at night, although I do sometimes feel my lips need that extra second layering, depending if I’ve been outside most of the day or just haven’t been drinking enough fluids throughout the day (self-inflicted I know!).

A little clever tip from myself, when applying onto lips, you can always allow the product to follow past lip shape onto the skin area providing extra protection from uncomfortable skin dryness.

Now we all know on how the word “serum” can sometimes sound expensive. Well, this perfect pocket-size lip serum is priced at £10.00, and personally, with the amount of high-tech performance this little fella contains, it would be silly not buy it.

You can order one of these must have lip serums directly from FIT Skincare. Do let me know how you get on by commenting below or on Twitter @MrWharff.