Fountain Of Youth skin care: Experts recommend it!

fountain of youth skin care: originally, only assessable for post-operative treatment patients.


Fountain Of Youth Skin care range.

Fountain Of Youth Skin care range.


When a post-operative skin care line becomes available to businesses across the globe, hard-graft formulations created to prolong the results of treatments. For the first time a friend commented on how glowy and fresh my skin looked, I then understood on why Fountain Of Youth wanted to venture out into the beauty market—there is definitely room for another skincare brand if people are noticing a difference.

The whole Fountain Of Youth skin care line is based on Hyaluronic Acid and active ingredients; using the precise radio of ingredients allows the products to work as they should, and helping the skin to develop that radiant, hydrating perfect canvas skin.

If shedding excess fat is an issue, fear not. the Fountain Of Youth Double-Action Anti-Cellulite Gel covers all bases; rich in high performance Caffeine that gets straight to work by targeting fatty deposits whilst naturally tightening and firming the skin. Gotu Kola—a repairing herb normally grown in China and India; this intelligent ingredient treats skin impurities such as cellulite whilst restoring skins connective tissues. When I first applied the product onto my abnormal area as you do! I wasn’t expecting such an intense warming sensation on the skin—my first instinct was ‘ahhh I’m allergic to the stuff!’ I contacted the company and they assured me this was completely normal phew! Although, I noticed my skin was slowly tightening around the adnominal area.

Fountain Of Youth Skin care range.

Fountain Of Youth Skin care range.


If hydration and sun protection is your day-to-day concern then the Fountain Of Youth Moisturising Day Cream is your match maker; suitable for all skin types, this excellent lightweight! moisturiser promotes a natural healthy skin glow—with its delicate and addictive! liquorice-like scent you’ll be slathering on like no tomorrow. Believe it or not the Night Cream is in fact lighter, texture wise; who remembers play dough in the 90’s? Well, funnily enough the night cream has a slight resemblance of smell to actual play dough; just don’t try to create child-like shapes with the cream.

Fountain Of Youth Rejuvenating Night Cream is probably my favourite out of the 3 I’ve been testing because I wake up looking so refreshed and youthful it gives people the impression I’ve had a solid recommended 8 hours sleep. The key ingredients work in harmony, together fighting the slightest signs of ageing restoring skins natural youthfulness. They are; Ginseng Root, Gotu-Cola and Symphytum.

It’s quite surprising on how one blogger can become quiet in work wise and all of sudden have a list full of product reviews and editorials to complete—I guess the key is to always be prepared. I have to admit, I’m not the one to blab about or promote the use eye creams/gels as I haven’t really felt the need to use one until now, it’s just another extra step in the morning.

So when Fountain Of Youth sent over their eye gel I was a little sceptical whenever I would use the product or not, in fact, I’ve been using the product almost everyday, and, what surprises me is how much of an effect a decent eye gel product does for those dreaded, tired looking eyes. Fountain Of Youth Revitalising Eye Gel contains highly active ingredients that delicately firms and tightens the wrinkly skin around the precious eye area. Hyaluronic Acid softens first sign wrinkles, Echinacea Extract; an old school natural remedy works by soothes and refreshes skin around the eye area and finally Centella Asiatica Extract tones and contours.

I’m using the Revitalising Eye Gel only when my eye area needs that extra awakening in the morning or special attention from those long-winded days out and about. Only a small five pence amount is enough for both eyes, you really want to take your time at gently patting the eye gel around the eye area allowing the gel to slowing absorb.

At the moment, Fountain Of Youth is only available to professionals and businesses. If you are a business that may be interested in the range, then click on this link to register. I can assure you won’t be disappointed.