Founded by Dean Legg in 2013, based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Pure Chimp brings 100% uniqueness to the skin care industry, adopting a natural approach and having fun whilst using the products.


Be creative with your cleanser with Pure Chimp Super Cleanser; this clay-dougn like consistency allows you to control the amount of product you choose to use, not like any old pump dispenser that dispenses far too much product resulting in product waste, you actually need a little amount of product to fully deep cleanse skin. With its freshly baked banana loaf smell, users will have severe trouble resisting themselves not to eat it, after all, Pure Chimp only uses 100% natural ingredients so even trying a small piece should be completely harmless, but on second thoughts, best not.

The ingredients. Ultra-Fine Ground Almonds; gently exfoliates the skin, Kaolin Clay; deep cleanses skin, removes debris on the surface and absorbs excess oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers, this ingredients help retains moisture onto the skin while containing a natural dose of Vitamin E and Omega 9 fatty acid, an ingredient the skin craves, Banana Extract; hydrating, nutritious and super nourishing, banana extract is for sure to give skin that much-needed glow back, Sea Buckthorn Oil; acne sufferers out there will be glad to know that this little ingredient provides a powerful anti-inflammtory effect on the skin while accelerating skin repair, Dried Marigold; adds a plumping effect to the skin while soothing skin irritations.

This clay-dough like texture instantly turns into a heavenly light cleansing milk once in contact with water and fully cleanses the skin without aggravating the natural barrier. I then removed the cleanser carefully with a fresh muslin cloth, skin was left super smooth and radiant. Sensitive skin users can rest assure that this product is perfectly safe for your their misbehaving skin type.

Click here and get down to monkey business with Pure Chimp! I don’t normally say this but it’s brand I really want my readers to try and experiment the use of a more natural approach in skincare.