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Elemis Balancing Radiance Collection

Mar 20

A marvellous idea from the popular spa brand, Elemis have recently released a duo collection of their cult cleanser and toners; Lucky me, I was asked to review a collection of my choice, now, having pain in the ass skin ‘dry/blemish skin’ I decided to trial the Lime Blossom Cleanser and Lavender Toner, on first contact; the exquisite scent of the Lime Blossom Cleanser reminded

AEOS Active Energised Organic Skincare

Oct 24

  Why is Active Energising Organic Skincare different? Obviously stated in the title but what’s interesting is that they connect colour with skincare. Using a Colour-Care-System reflects the persons confidence to choose what colour suits the user while allowing the skin to balance at a deeper level rather than looking at the skin from a

Tropic Soothing Cleanser and Vitamin Toner

Sep 9

Now, this is an interesting one! I have seen many ‘hot cloth’ cleansers popping up over the past month and hadn’t realised how many there are! Apart from the favourable Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser which many people rave about, I was interested to try out other hot cloth cleansers on the market, so I came across