So, I was contacted around a month ago if I’d like to review Face B4′s cleanser and serum. My skin at that time was literally like a pizza face so I couldn’t have not say no for this chance, something had to fix my skin. The natural skin care obsession in me can never turn down a new product review. When the parcel arrived, I couldn’t wait to test-drive these products and that night, that’s exactly what I did.

Supermarkets are bombarded with anti-blemish products all claiming to work wonders for your skin but there is always little scientific evidence that these drugstore products actually work. Please bear in mind that clear skin doesn’t happen overnight! 

For one month, these were the only products I applied on my skin, doing this allows the Face B4 products to work at their best. 

STEP ONE! The Anti-Bacterial Face Wash; Gentle and lightly fragranced, this dual-action product combines a cleanser and toner in one, while using a ultra biocidal complex which involves the use of blemish-fighting Salicylic Acid, dead-cell clearing Lactic Acid, moisturising Glycerin, magical Mushroom Extract that hydrates whilst reducing the appearance of discolouration from acne scarring.

I absolutely love the consistency of the product, light with bath-like bubbles, if you’re not a huge fan of ‘foam’ face washes (like myself) then I can assure you that this product is nothing like other foam face washes you have tested before. On contact with skin, this dreamy cleanser was just a heaven to use, soft, velvety and delicate. I left the product on my skin for a minute or two as directed my the instructions, then I made sure the product was properly rinsed off using clean, warm water. Skin was left comfortable and mattified.

FINAL STEP! The Anti-bacterial Serum; super soothing and ultra hydrating, this cream like serum contains a list of anti-bacterial ingredients; repairing Linseed Extract, Vitamin A, Horse Chestnut Extract - a strong skin purifier, Ginseng Root Extract - an ingredient that is capable of speeding up the production of collagen while being a powerful detoxifier; Hydrolysed Wheat Protein - an effective pore minimiser and finally healing Biotin. 

This on-going bacteria fighting serum leaves your skin feeling incredibly silky, baby soft and naturally glowing. Make up goes on like a dream come true, so forget using a primer people. My only moan is that it contains ‘Parraffinum Liquidum’, commonly known as Mineral Oil, an ingredient I always run a mile from purely because every product that has contained this ingredient I have always reaction to but luckily, this hasn’t been the case with Face B4′s Serum  So, did FACE B4 work? Yes and I highly recommend you to give this targeted 2-in-1 system a go.

Learn more about the brand hereFACE B4 have a fantastic offer on at the moment, SAVE 30% when you buy the daily cleansing foam and serum bundle here. Go on, what you waiting for, follow the road to clear skin now with FACE B4.