Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter




Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter

Long working hours? Sleepless nights? Stress? These common factors all take a toll on the look of the skin and you notice your usual moisturiser just isn’t cutting it. 

Luckily, plant-based brand Clarins created Fatigue Fighter! An intensive, power-packed revive gel that quickly gets to work on dull, wrinkled, tired skin giving the skin that much-needed fresh, uplifted, ready for work look. The classic ‘hangover look’ is instantly diminished.

The natural powers of Sunflower firms and tones; simulating Ginseng; Winter green combats inflammation; energising Bison Grass; Horse Chestnut adds radiance; Purslane soothes and calms skin; Rice Powder matifys; Linden Extract protects and finally Galanda; rich in minerals and natural sugars, this Chinese ginger enhances vitality while providing an anti-free radical effect.

After a long winded night out with friends, I decided to put Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter to the test after suffering from a dreadful hangover, something Mr. Wharff rarely has! I woke up with those dreadful dark circles, blemishes, redness and dehydrated skin. Damn you alcohol!

Upon application with Clarins Men Fatique Fighter: the lightness of the non-oily texture immediately absorbed into the skin leaving no sticky residue, pores became less visible and skin looked like it had that much needed whole 8 hours sleep. 

If Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter sounds up your street then head over to Clarins now to order your very own tube.


  • I answered ‘yes’ to the first 3 questions, so I’m really tempted to try this product!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    • Hi Ray! Thank you so much for your kind comment. Please let me know how you get on with the product!

  • Love this one. I might even like it a tiny bit more than the Beauty Flash Balm. Wish they’d bring the eye gel back!