Transform Blogger Event

A very special Transform Blogger Event where bloggers were able to experience and see non-surgical procedures live.

A few months back I was invited down to London for a bloggers event (my first event!) by Transform the cosmetic company.

Having considered cosmetic surgery myself in the past for a tummy tuck due to excess skin on the abdominal area (which I’m still planning!) I felt that this event would not only benefit me by getting to know the company but also bring something different to other than reviews.

It was the second time in London and I arrived safely at Kings Cross. Having walked around the streets of London for 2 hours like a lost puppy I finally found the Transform Clinic (thanks to the local Londoners). I was kindly greeted by the lovely receptionist who offered me a tasty hot chocolate, after finishing my delicious hot chocolate and because I was 3 hours early until the event started the receptionist kindly told me where the nearest department stores were located, so I took a nice short scroll from the Transform clinic to John Lewis and House of Fraser.

As beauty bloggers do, I had an enjoyable look through John Lewis beauty hall and because it was ‘Black Friday’ (hello 20% off!) I decided to treat myself my purchasing Clinique’s Take The Day Off Balm which does a fabulous job at removing make up! I also picked up some sample sachets of the Black Rose Cream Mask from Sisley that I’ve been dying to try (for ages!) the Sisley employee was very generous and gave me a few samples to take home with me.

On arrival (for the second time!) we were shown through a room that had a selection of fancy food such as canap├ęs and (boob!) cupcakes whilst mingling with other bloggers and having our photos taken. It was nice to meet other bloggers whilst getting to know about their own blogs; I did meet some lovely people that night and found them all so passionate about blogging. I have to be honest, I did feel a little nervous being the only male blogger at the event (sorry!).

Transform really went out of their way by providing us all with our very own personalised goody bags; having ‘Mr Wharff’ embroiled on the bag was pretty cool.

The Clinic Manager Michelle was chuffed and thrilled to see (and meet!) me since being the only male blogger at the event and Michelle was very interested to know what skin care brands I enjoyed using.

After a good chit-chat with other bloggers and the lovely ladies from Label PR we were asked to head through another room where all the procedures were going to be taking place.

Transform Blogger Event.

Lip fillers.

Transform Blogger Event.

Botox injection.

Ultherpy Skin Lifting.

Ultherpy Skin Lifting.

We experienced watching lip fillers (patient Farida), Botox injection (patient Shami) being inserted by Dr Lamia, both of the non-surgical procedures gave the patients an instant, visible but safe result. We were all mesmerised and glued watching the procedures taken place. That awkward ‘silent’ moment happened on a few occasions, I didn’t know whenever to laugh or cry!


A non-surgical face lift that works with the body’s natural healing process without interrupting the surface/oils of the skin by targeting skin tissue where our collagen lives.

FDA-cleared, this clever safe device even lifts hard-to-reach areas such as your eyebrow area. I was lucky enough to have the actual device demonstrated on my hand; in all honesty I could feel barely nothing from the device apart from a slight pin prick. I think I’m a little too young to be considering this type of procedure but maybe one day in the future.

Experience the event for yourself and press the play button.. 

Did you spot me? 

A huge thank you to Transform and Label PR for allowing us to experience this very special evening –  I think a second bloggers event is in the pipeline this year so keep your eyes peeled (not literally!)

  • Ged in London

    Sounds like an amazing event! Did you have the opportunity to have any procedures done?

    • John Wharff

      Hey Ged. Sorry for the late response, I kindly got given a non-surgical voucher.

    • Mr. Wharff

      Hey Ged. Sorry for the late response, it was my first time in London alone! I kindly got given a non-surgical voucher.

  • Average Chap

    This is certainly different. What procedures are there for guys?

    • John Wharff

      Hello. If you click on this link here you will find all the male surgical and non-surgical procedures.

    • Mr. Wharff

      Hello. Thank you for your kind comment. If you click on this link here you will find all the male surgical and non-surgical procedures. Thanks John.