Dr Organic Snail Gel Range

All hail for the snail! new Dr Organic Snail Gel range is a revelation!


Dr Organic Snail Gel RangeProbably most of my readers will be thinking ‘ewwwww’ ‘snail gel’ but after reading my verdict on Dr. Organic’s Snail Gel range I’m pretty certain you won’t be thinking ‘ewwwww’ anymore…

Well, if its good enough for the likes of Ashley Roberts then surely we’re in for a big treat. Sales actually soared by 700% when the public found out that ex Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts was applying snail slime on her skin, no wonder her skin is constantly flawless.

The Story of Snail Gel.

Snail farmers from Chilean started to notice that their skin was healing very quickly when handling snails whilst exporting to the French food industry, not even a slight scar would be noticeable on the hand.

In Japan, it’s widely known for beauty therapists doing snail facials on clients.. but at a hefty price!

Dr Organic Snail Gel Range contains the mucus slime known as Helix Aspersia Muller: the slimy substance that the snails produce in order to rebuild and repair their damaged shells or skin. This unique ingredient is naturally rich in proteins, skin quenching hyaluronic acid and elastin that’s intended to help with regeneration + repair of the snails’ membranes and shell.

The Snail Gel Family!

This excitable, enticing range from Dr. Organic includes their best seller, the gel, face cream, facial serum, eye serum and moisture mask and hand & nail elixir. Ooh! And if you do decide to purchase the range, Holland & Barrett give you a real live snail as a thank you.. no, I’m kidding (I think!)

Dr organic Snail Gel AND CREAM

Dr Organic Snail Gel was the first ever product released from the Snail Gel range; the public eye loved it so much they decided to create a whole entire snail gel range.

Lightweight, soothing and hydrating. Snail Gel is literally ‘magic slime in a jar!’ The hint of Lemon oil gives the user a feel of freshness and awakening.

This product can be applied on the body as well if skin is suffering from extreme dryness or discomfort – I personally like to use this on my elbows when they’re feeling quite irritated from the occasional eczema.

Now, the cream version is very similar to the gel in terms of effects but I especially like to apply this at night as this is more nourishing + moisturising. I could apply this in the morning because its surprising non-greasy but felt the gel version offered a suitable matte finish for my combination skin.


This repairing, ultra hydrating and protecting serum promises an increased in hydration levels by 32% after 4 weeks of use due to its clinical proven Proteolea® complex.

Once I applied the Dr Organic Snail Gel Serum onto skin I couldn’t believe how fast the serum absorbed into the skin, it felt like nothing was applied because of its lightweight, watery texture fluid. You would use this serum on damp skin morning and evening, after using a tonic/toner – applying the serum this way allows it to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin

This is a great partner with either the original Snail Gel or the rich version Snail Cream, you could also spice things up a little by adding a few drops of Snail Gel face serum into the gel or cream to give skin that extra radiance boost.

Talking celebrities now, Louise Redknapp doesn’t look a day over 40 and is a huge fan of the Dr Organic Snail Gel range. Rumour has it she uses the range ‘religiously’.

 Dr Organic Snail Gel Hand & NAIL ELIXIR

This Snail Gel hand & nail elixir somewhat didn’t feel like an ordinary hand product that I’ve come across before, I was in fact a little disappointed. The whole ‘elixir’ thing just didn’t do it for me, I felt my hands were missing that comforting emollient feel that you would find in your usual hand creams. On a positive note! Hands did appear less scuffed and healthier.

The whole collection of Dr Organic Snail Gel Range is available from Holland & Barrett here

  • http://gedlab.com/ Ged in London

    Great post! I’ve never tried it but increasingly its making waves in the skincare world. When I was in Asia last year it was all the rage and particularly in Korea they love a bit of snail slime! Great write up J! :-)

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  • beautykinguk

    Great informative post. The wife has the face serum and I have to say I haven’t touched it yet but it has spiked my curiosity!

  • Sam

    I really want to try this or something along the same lines, but I don’t know if I can actually bring myself to putting it on my face!

    Sam | http://www.sprksam.com

    • admin

      Hey Sam. Haha go on I dare you!

  • http://raysnaps.com RaySnaps

    I’m such a big fan of Dr. Organic! I love that you’re writing about the brand.

    • http://mr-wharff.com John Wharff

      Hey Ray. That’s great to hear! What products do you like from the brand? John XO